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About Harris CPA & Associates

At Harris CPA & Associates, we value every business and make it our priority to enable your business to flourish while maximizing your profits. We work on a smaller scale with just four employees who share the company’s goal and vision.

While we work five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 8.30 am to 5 pm, we keep our office operational on Saturdays too, from mid-March to April 30 every year for the tax season.

The current business name has been in existence for just the past two years, but the relationship between the company and its employees goes back thirty years. This is due to certain events that required a change to be made in the business name. Therefore, the name is the only thing that has changed, as our company still possesses the same aim as when it was established.

Located in Peterborough, Ontario, we mostly cater to clients in and around this area. We do however have clients from further away availing our services. We owe this to the constructive feedback from our existing clients.

As we encourage entrepreneurs and their business growth, we make it a point to adapt to the constant changes in our business and client environment. Meeting and exceeding our clients’ goals is what keeps us motivated to work harder.


The Harris CPA & Associates Difference

Our client base consists mostly of those clients who are willing to assume risks by welcoming changes, be it minor or major, to get their business growing slowly but surely.

One aspect that makes us second to none is that we don’t just do the regular tax and accounting work. We make sure that our clients are not just moving forward but also adapting to the various changes in their business setting.

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is that we genuinely immerse ourselves with our clients’ needs and requirements as we are certain that every business has immense potential to turn into better one. Identifying this potential is what makes us unique.

One of our biggest achievements has been having clients who have been able to succeed in their business as a result of the services we provided them with. Nothing means more to us than the success of our clients.

Our dream for the future is to be able to maintain our existing clients and ensure that they can accomplish their business goals with our help and dedication. We are sure of new clients coming in based on the positive experiences we share with our existing and previous clients.

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