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Gary Harris, Our Founder

Experienced Tax Accountants at Harris CPA & Associates, Accounting Firm offers Business Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Services in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

Our Accounting Firm has circled back to its roots.

Our founder, Gary Harris, a Trent University graduate received his CA, Chartered Accountant, designation with a local Peterborough firm, McColl Turner. He progressed to associate partner and realized he had to see more of the business world in order to have the experience to do a better job for clients. He left the accounting firm and joined an insurance brokerage, Matthews & Associates Insurance. Within a few months he was a shareholder of the company. He acquired valuable experience leading, among other things, complete systems upgrades, buying and selling six branch offices, leading a Canada wide computer user group and spear heading the transition of the company to join a national organization, Canada Brokerlink (CBL).

As part of this national organization he was Senior Vice President of Operations and looked after Finance, HR and IT for the 50 offices and 500 staff. This experience included taking a key role in the sale of the new larger organization to an international insurance company, Allianz Insurance. This then gave Gary the experience and knowledge required to report financially to a multi-national corporation and all the learning that entails.

Tired or working between Calgary, headquarters for CBL, and Peterborough, and the strain that brings to a young family, Mr. Harris left the corporate world and moved into consulting. For several years he worked with an accounting firm out of Toronto, Cookson Walker.

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Recognizing his earlier joy of working with entrepreneurs and being a life long learner, Gary took over two years of intense training to become certified as both a coach for individuals (CPCC) and as a certified coach for business teams (ORSCC).

After a number of years gaining insight and experience in this field Gary was asked by Ed Holek, a friend from his early accounting days, to join him and help out in Ed’s accounting firm. This was seen as a chance to utilize the many years of experience gained since last in the accounting field. Then after six years an opportunity to purchase the business arose and here we are today with the firm Harris CPA & Associates (HA).

All of the above is to say that a widely rounded business career has allowed this new firm to realize its focus. Along with traditional accounting services HA specializes in Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business and Profits!

Our Why:

To help business owners who seriously want to advance their business, through doing for them and/or training,with the foundational and then the advanced functions of running a successful business, not just having a “job”;

So that energetic, hard working Canadian business owners can have the independence and freedom to do what they truly want to do and create a higher sustainable income for their families as well as create jobs and income for many others

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