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As a small business owner (and perhaps the owner of more than one business) you make decisions on a daily basis, addressing everything from day-to-day operational issues to long-range strategic planning.

Traditional accountants keep records of business transactions. They use these records to prepare a business’s accounting statements. Strategic accountants evaluate and interpret this financial data to advise the business owner to improve business performance and improve decision making.

We are about providing you with proactive tools that enables you to see the impact of your daily decisions on the future of your business. How fundamental to your success is that?

Here is how we work:

Identify Problems

Our Experienced Accountants in Peterborough meet you to identify the problems. These are likely problems that exist today but will either remain a problem in the future or become an even greater problem in the future. The first step in the process is to recognize that there is a decision to be made. Business Decisions are not made arbitrarily; they result from an attempt to address a specific problem, need or opportunity. The key is to look at both immediate and long term problems that require decisions be made.

Seek Information

We gather all the information so that you understand the problem, the potential causes of the problem and any constraints that will impact the future of your business.


We discuss the problem so you have a more complete understanding of the issue at hand and identify potential solutions.

Evaluate Outcome

Even the most experienced business owners can learn from their mistakes. Our Experienced Accountants help you monitor the results of Strategic Business Decisions you make and help you be ready to adapt your plan as necessary, or to switch to another potential solution if your chosen solution does not work out the way you expected.

Here’s a question…

Are the outcomes of the decisions you’ve taken today consistent with those you took yesterday, or those you will take tomorrow? Do you know what difference they will make?

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